All written manuscripts are distinctive, and deserve different levels of crafting, to get to a finished product. In light of this, every potential job must be judged on the state it is in when submitted. Before providing a quote I would prefer to see five chapters from the middle of the manuscript to determine the amount of time and level of work that would be required. Please include the  MS Word page count, the title, anticipated submission, your deadline, any special instructions, and the desired service. I will contact you about scheduling your project, and let you know when I've received and downloaded your manuscript.

Payments are made via


If you‘re on a tight deadline there may be a rush fee.

Photos tables illustrations and graphs are subject to additional pricing per element.

If you prefer a physical copy please let me know and e-mail me your address.

There will be an additional charge per page to print out and cover postage to mail back to you.

*** Price is per page based on industry format of Times New Roman, 12-point font, single-spaced.

If sent in any other format, price will be based on the number of pages of the manuscript

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