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When you're just starting out in the business of writing the steps after “The End” can be so overwhelming. Everyone tells you the most important thing you can do is hire a professional editor. So you hop on your favorite search engine, type ‘Editors’ in the search bar, and then proceed to weed your way through a million different websites only to end up more confused than you were before you started.

Believe me, I was there until I found Melissa’s page.
The rest is history. 

Melissa was such a joy to work with. She walked me through the entire process until my book was the best version possible. She also did my print and e-book formatting and I can't tell you how smoothly the publishing went. 

At the end of the day you want an editor who takes as much pride in your work as you do, and that's Melissa. 

I’ll be a customer for life!



"I have worked with Melissa on the editing of my book Metal Boxes - Trapped Outside. The quality of her work was superior to other editors I’ve hired in the past and I will certainly use her editing and beta reading services again." @alblack77

Thanks to Melissa's editing I'm keeping an eye out in my writing to 'was'!  Followed 'closely' by ly adverbs!  ‏@emarxbooks

Thank you for being so supportive and doing such excellent work on the proofing round. She's also a fantastic editor! Check her out.

She is very good at it! Give her a shot, you won't regret it!
I am so honored to be working with Melissa now on my novel! Here's to making magic! I can vouch she is a great editor, proofreader, and person. Check her out for all your book needs!

I have found a wonderful Editor, Proofreader, Beta Reader all rolled into one. I highly recommend her services. 


Melissa Manes! Copyeditor extraordinaire!
I can attest to her awesomeness!

Need a Beta Reader, Copy Editor, or Proofreader Melissa is the best! You wouldn't be sorry. She's worth way more than she charges.

Melissa has fulfilled three services for me. A beta read, copy editing, and a proofread. She doesn't charge for beta reading, but the type of feedback she provided is typically a paid service. I went on to hire her for copy editing and proofreading. Melissa is a complete professional. She offered valuable and knowledgeable advice. I found myself accepting above 90% of her suggestions. She's easy to talk to and stays in touch. You don't ever have to wonder where she is in the process and you won't have to guess at time frames. Melissa was a Godsend and went way above and beyond to assist me with my project. She asked me lots of questions and helped me to think ahead and fill in gaps where I am inexperienced. I can't thank her enough for all of her hard work. If you are looking for someone who's honest and cares about your project as much as you do, then hire Melissa.  

Anna Questerly @AnnaQuesterly

"Thanks, Melissa. Your feedback was invaluable!"

"Melissa knows her stuff. Contact her for your editing and proofreading needs. I'm not even kidding."

EM Kaplan @meilaan

Brenda Chaput @BuggyChaput

"Superb comments by eagle-eyed Melissa on the draft of my next mystery. Contact her for proofreading and more."

"Melissa is an awesome proofreader and cost effective.

She's editing mine."