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Freelance Proofreader and Copy Editor

​​​Over the years I have helped fellow students, friends, and colleagues by providing a second set of eyes to help polish their work, creating a finished product. I will edit your novel, short story, children’s book, poetry, graphic novel, or comic book for self-publication.

Many self-publishing authors don’t utilize editing services for various reasons; the most obvious reason is price. In the end they may have a piece of work riddled with errors.

My goal is to help you achieve your dreams of publication. I offer services at an affordable rate. I want to help you put your best quality out there for others to enjoy.

I offer nonintrusive suggestions at a flat reasonable rate. The advantage of having a flat rate is knowing beforehand how much the editing will cost. This includes a second read after implementing the first set of comments.

​​If you would prefer to discuss your project with me before placing your order, feel free to click the contact button.

Melissa Manes